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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Space Dementia

Oh,sudah begitu lama tak post apa apa pn dekat blog ini =="

Sekarang nak online pun tak menyempat >.>
Okay,back,first coordinated exam dah habis,
Wehh,macam bodoh je jawab,
A+ for mod maths,
A for agama and chemistry,
A- for bahasa,english,
B+ for sejarah,
C for biology,
D for add maths,
E for physics
Oh,this is soooo sucks -.-
Add maths dapat D sebab banyak miss class,
Physics aku memang apa pn tak faham,
Sungguh teruk oih,
Okay,MCKK Premier 7's Rugby Tournament dah habis,
Main sponsor dia Digi,oh,sungguh sedih,
Koleq kalah dengan SDAR masa final match for Bowl category,
Tapi enjoy overall,best gila oh :D
Nanti ada la gambar dia aku masukkan,
Sorry sebab lama tak post,
Thanks for reading


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