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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Chosen One

Tolak tawaran masuk MSSD Kuala Kangsar,

Memang aku bengong,
Tapi memang taknak masuk pun :S
Masalah -.-
5000m,1500m,4x400m,400m,800m :/
Hamikk,semua aku tolak,hahaha xD
Entah lah,malas nak contribute anything to koleq this year,
Takpelah,next year masuk balik,ekekeke >:D
Well readers,how's life?
I am fine by the way ;)
Sorry for not posting anything for the past few...days or week?o.O?

Well,today is 27th March,
Well,you know,Happy 1year and 7month anniversary to Noor Arina :)
Hope berkekalan ea?Amin :)
You know how much I do love you kan? :')


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