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Monday, February 7, 2011

New Born


Hello wahai pembaca sekalian :D
Apologise first thing first =="
Lama dah tak post apa apa dalam blog hitam legam ni
Cuti time Chinese New Year aku tak balik,
Stay untuk orchestra and basketball camp,
Peh peh,for the whole week doe -.-
Thanks Arina sebab sentiasa support and teman I for the whole week,
I really mean it by that :)
Tak post and tak online facebook pn,
Malas nak outing and fly,(Saya budak baik ;p) la tuh tak fly ;p
Cyber cafe jauh sangat laa,kamu semua sanggup hantarkan saya ke sana?hahaha xD
Okay,itu je lah kot,any updates nnt saya post lah,terima kasih :D


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