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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Noor Arina binti Noor Azlee

Song : Fifteen - Taylor Swift

Happy 15th Birthday dear ;)

The wishes are as follows :
-Good luck in the upcoming PMR of course :)
-Be a good monitress that can lead your class well.
-Happy fasting in the Ramadhan
-Good luck in maths!
-Don't stress too much over there
-Long lasting relationship ^^

You know how much I do love you...
Wishes from :
Me myself, Syazwan, Rifqi, Nabil Sufyan, Afi Basysyar and Sharimi

With much love,

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3 noises:

Reen Amir said...

Happy Birthday gf Ayep :)

Myself said...

thanks wish woihhh!!! XD

arynaTED said...

arrrr tak larat *STF version :D