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Friday, June 25, 2010

Blow the Wind!

24th June 2010
Sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak, Seremban
Negeri Sembilan

Host of the 12th Wind Orchestra Competition 2010

Everything went okay for us White Knights,
Departs from MCKK from 23rd June on 8.30 a.m in the morning,
And set our foot on SDAR at 4.30 p.m
Hell,it was a long journey,
With our TATA bus broke down in the middle of the journey,
But,we all had fun in the bus,especially for the peoples in the TATA,
Oh,MCKK sent two buses for us,
Form 4 and 5's in the official bus,
And for us form 2 and 3's,were put inthe TATA bus XD

12.35 a.m, 24th June

After our training session,
We had a short briefing in our Tuning Room,
Wishes from Cikgu Rosman,Kak Shaayyum,Abg Hasnol, and some of the orchestra Old Boys,
Really burned up our spirits to play for the following day,
Oh by the way,
We,White Knights,were the first one to perform,
Heyy,butterflies in the stomachs okay? -.-"

8.30 a.m, 24th June

The team wore their mess kits, bow tie and the bengkung,
So,the battle of the Winds will start soon,
We practised a bit,checing our sounds,
And runthrough our two songs,
Cassiopeia by Carlos Marquez,
And Mencintaimu by Kris Dayanti,
After we play the songs,
We stood up,facing our beloved orchestra instructor,Cikgu Rosman,
The College Anthem were sing by us then,
Then,our name were called by the announcer,
So,then,this is it,
We marched in the hall with pride,
Our conductor,Ikkey,smiled,then,we played our songs with the wave of his conducting stick,

After that,
We felt quite a relief,
Took some pictures outside the hall,
But,we cannot stay long at SDAR,we have to get back to MCKK as soon as possible,
For the Speech Day is greeting us soon,
So,my wish is,
I hope we win the Gold Medal and advance to the Finale at PICC on 4th of July 2010,
With that,
I conclude.

"Our Music, Our Pride"

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