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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lari-Lari Di Atas Padang!

15 April 2010

Oh oh!
Just nk inform,
Event Heat and Finals(pra Temasya Olahraga Tahunan) bru je habis harini,
Aku msuk dua je event,
1500m Under-15 and 800m Under-15,
And dedua aku dpt Gold Medal,
Muahahaha ;p
Happy giler yg menggunung,cehh :D
Kejap,for this year,aku da ade 5 je medal,
As follows :-

MSSD Kuala Kangsar:
1)Merentas Desa U-15 (7km) - Bronze Medal (21.02 minutes)
2)1,500m U-15 - Gold Medal (4.50 minutes)

MSSS Malay College Kuala Kangsar:
1)Merentas Desa U-15 (6km) - Gold Medal (20.03 minutes)
2)1,500m U-15 - Gold Medal (4.48 minutes :D)
3)800m U-15 - Gold Medal (2.15 minutes)

All together,
1)Gold Medal - 4
2)Silver Medal - Nil
3)Bronze Medal - 1

Dah,there you have it,
Medal ku yg dpt tahun ini :)
Harap dpt menaikkan nama house Idris tahun ni,
Hope Idris dpt jadi champion for the year of 2010,

With that,I conclude,


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4 noises:

Imran Hafik said...


Joe said...

Go Idris .

aryna:) said...

big congrats ,Im so proud of you,
Sorry for not be there with you,
but heyy ,
G,boleh buat en ?


Amirul Arif said...

Joe : Yeah,GO IDRIS!!Haha,thanks joe :D

M : Thanks for supporting me dear,:)