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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sukan Tara!

On the 8th March of 2010,
MCKK has organized an event which we called "Sukan Tara",
Haha,only four events were held,
That is :-

1)100m Sprint
3)Long Jump
4)Bullet Throw(Lontar Peluru XD)

Each of the event consists of 2 points,
So,the total points or maximum points from each students will get 8 points,
And all of the events are against each respected class only with their respected forms or batch.

Well,myself?Don't ask..

In 100m sprint,although in my groups were all sprinters,
But,I will give my best,and run,
Yup.i emerge first in my group with the timing of 12.78secs :D

Secondly,800m,my Idris housemates,especially my house-form-mates(ayat keling gila -.-),put high hopes on me for getting first place XD
Yup,again,.i emerge as the 800m champion :)

About the Bullet Throwing event,
Nothing special,no extraordinary super-human power,
But,i got full marks for it ^^

Long Jump?
Haha,many stunned because seeing me jumped so far,
Of course,full marks again!!
I got 8/8 marks :)

Seriously dalam blog ni aku cm belagak je doeh!!
Haha,But who cares,my blog :)
Thanks for reading!!


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