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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Overwhelmed by tiredness..

Since last week,
Seriously training basketball and orchestra makin..
Ape ayat tuh?
Haa! Makin "gila",
Like petang td(7 March),
Although tkde roadworks,which is good for us,kalau tk,phm2 jelah XD
Tp stll ade skipping 5 minutes,which i achieved 967 skips~
And 4,3,2,we made it 8 rounds,perhh -.-
Lastly,Cagers wajib,
May i repeat it again?
As you wish dear readers,WAJIB,
Buat suicide 1,2,3(jgn pikir bebukan,ni training basketball)

Suicide 1 : 28 secs
Suicide 2 : 1.03 mins
Suicide 3 : 1.45 mins

Gila penatt!!!
Tk tmbh dgn last week lg,haha XD
But its worth it,nk improvekn stamina :)
HKSBP North Zone,here we come!

And orchestra?
Yup,walaupn training best gila,
Tp bayangkan,
From 10.15 p.m to 2 a.m in the morning,
Best,mata stim je dkt kelas,
Tp aku bkn la kisah sgt pn,
I enjoyed basketball training as i enjoyed orchestra training,
Dua dua best XD
Combined at 11.15 p.m,
Doing some tunings,and
We played our songs!!
Best kot,
Haha!!Ade la beberapa pembetulan yg perlu dibuat dlm lagu kita,
Nama lagu?Korg nk tau ke?
Tggu la dkt SDAR nnt,korg dengar la pepuas ye?
Hahaha ;p
So,to the other SBP,prepare thyself to meet your doom!!(ayat tk boleh blah)

With that,i conclude,thanks for reading!


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