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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lomo Cams

Yeah,lomo is now a new trend for me and some of my friends,
Trust me,photography is a very fun activity indeed.

My favourite,behold,the Smena Symbol!

Oh yeah,the other version of smena,well guys,meet Smena Rapid!

Another smena guys,behold,Smena 8!

Fun way to capturing pics?Lubitel is what you need!

Prefers 180° pics?Well,Horizon will be your favourite lomo camera!

Hey?Holga is my favourite too you know?

Super pics?SuperSampler coming your way!

ActionSampler might accompany you if getting bored!

Want some catchy images,like the eye of a fish?FishEye suits for you.

Some basic ones,Diana F+

Colory pics?Colorsplash might suits you guys!

Cool cam with cool pics,Zenit 412LS SLR,is your type!

Well,these are some of the lomo cams that i know,
WARNING : Once you are in it,you cannot go out!

Ayep052 LOMO!

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3 noises:

aryna:) said...

Bang ,
belanja adik Diana F+ bang
nak warna Pink HAHAHAHAHA :D

Amirul Arif said...

Adik nk Diana F+?
Boleh je,tggu kumpulkan duit dulu,
I promise,seriously nnt belikan,tk tipu.

arynaTED said...

PFFTT tak payah la bang .
Adik tak mean pn -.-"
Gedik betul abang ni.