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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Am I improving?

As the topic stated above,
It has been running in mind since the last February,
Lets make the story shortened please,

Ok,in basketball,
Sir Liew said that i have been improving,
Don't know a lot or less,but he said that I am improving,
During the selection for training with the senior team,
I was shocked,my name was called out,
I never thought I would be training with the Cagers Official Team,
Alongside with Azmi,Razzin,Sharimi,Nabil and Zainal,
Six of us will train under the guidance of Sir Liew,
Yup yup,i am proud of that :)

Next,in orchestra..
My section leader once said to me,
"Ok,intonation ko da improve banyak,tuning ko dh..dikira mantap ah,training elok-elok tau,aku tk nk this year koleq kalah.."
Well,in this matter,don't know what to say much,
Her spirits is blown everynight,maybe thats why,hehe :)

Lastly,in my studies,
Recently,koleq has just finished the first exam for this year,
Guess what,
I got 5A's 3B's,haha,I know it is not that good,
But I think it's good enough for me,haha

These are the follows :-

History - 88% (A)
English - 85% (A)
Mathematics - 95%(A)
Kemahiran Hidup - 88% (A)
Pendidikan Agama Islam - 94% (A)
Geography - 78% (B)
Bahasa Melayu - 75% (B)
Science - 79% (B)

Well,i'm a bit slacked in Science,
Begging from my teacher for 'up' it a bit,
But failed,haha,LOL
Anyways,thtas my first test for this year :)


P/S : Am i really improving?Thats the question -.-

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