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Sunday, February 28, 2010

One time in Cameron :)

Date : 27 February 2010
Venue : In front of the Form 2 villa.

Masa tu aku pelik tau,npe rse semacam je arini,
Aku tny la kt member aku,weh,arini ade pape tk?

"Ade,malam nnt kol 7.30 ade game lwn SMK Ringlet U-15," said Nabil.
"Ntah,ade movie kot,nape ko tny?" Azmi said.
"Tade pape,aku rse pelik la wehh!!!" myself half shouting towards them,hahaha XD

Caught myself staring at the calendar beside me,
"OH my GOAT!!ehh,GOD!!!" myself shouted.
"Wehh!Senyap la yep!!" Chip(form 5) said to me,
"Oh right!Sorry jerit!!"

Guess what,it was 27 Feb,haha,6th anniversary with Arina :)
So,aku pergi ah kat Syauqi en,usha ah text dy,
Najie ckp,"Dy balik a weh..."
I was like,REALLY?
Crik phone kat batch aku,"Wehh,korang,pnjmkn phone korg lehh x?"
Korang paham2 jelah,tade sesape nk bg un,haih,kedekut nye batchmate -.-
Aku gi ah vila form 2 kat sbelah vila aku,

"Weh weh,pnjm meminjam phone korg leh ak?"
Haha,gila keling ayat aku -.-

Then,Nuraiman dtg,"There,here you go,what do u wanna do with it?"
Nuraiman tkleh ckp BM,tp dy paham,haha XD

"Aku nk calling calling org,borrow la for awhile ok dude?"
Ok,make sure don't use it in front of Sir"
"I will,thanks :)"

So,aku da dpt,aku lari gi luar,
Aku dail number dy,hehe :)
Line dah disambungkan,.."tut tut...tut tut..."

Perhh,seriously berdebar ati aku,haha XD
Dy agkt,Wohhh!!!!
I miss her voice so much,aaa,
Yup,i miss her so much :)
So,we talked about 20minutes i guess,
Hehe,best best dpt dgr suara dy,
After that,dyorg kate,
"Weh,cepatla siap,kitorg nk gi dah nii!"

Then,trpkse off kn phone,alaaa,
Tp tkpe,sbb malam tu aku ckp dgn dy lg lama,haha,
Nuraiman,Thank you so much :))


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