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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Having careers..??

Having a multiple careers at koleq is not an easy thing to do.Time management is really important in this state.Basketball,Rugby,Debate,Wind Orchestra,this activities cannot,i repeat,cannot clashed with one and another.Basketball and rugby,the two most fearsome team,training almost everyday.With the feeling of very tired,all of the activities that I mentioned before,cannot be clashed,such as myself,being one of the MC Cagers and MC Wind Orchestra member.Yeah,exhaustion,and feeling sleepy all the time,always bugging me lately,Every evening,basketball,and every night,orchestra,and yeah,the routine will be repeated again and again.But,that kind of 'thing' is not going to stop me from quitting the team,the team which i loved the most.Being a Cagers and a member of White Knights is indeed a kind of honor for me,being one of the most respected team,I don't know,but I felt very proud of it.
Being a wing in basketball,is not an easy job to do.Everytime I think,how to enhance my speed and my skills?Is it enough?
Trumpet,is a brass instrument,and classified as a high brass instrument,being the loudest in the brass family,the responsibilities is within me,and my section mate.Although it looks easy to blow the instrument,but trust me,you don't know any of it.
So,risking my self in koleq by having multiple careers,sometimes burdens me,but sometimes,i felt happy and enjoys it.Well,I don't know what to write anymore,thanks for reading :)


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