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Friday, January 8, 2010

heh,smlm kn,
8.1.2010,happy birthday 0812,
happy birthday to all 0812 members :)
hahaha,eventho asku tau aku x lyk
yelah,taula aku 3rd intake >.>
aiseh,tp,stll 0812,kan kan?
after kemas dorm,gi surau,yeahh,tahlil tahlil
then potong kek besaaa,
aku dpt warna putih,yeahh,go IDRIS!!!
pastuu kan,sblum gi surauu kan,
dy call,hahaha,
walaupn kejap je,
tp dptla dgr suara dy,aduh,
sorry dear,mmg waktu tu i mmg busy gilee!
aaa,i miss u so fcking damn much T.T


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