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Friday, January 8, 2010


Halooo 2010,bye 2009 XD
a new year,a new life,and a uniforms?
darn it,hate school -.-
btw,sitting for PMR examinations ths year,wish me luck guys,
and good luck to u too arina,sntiasa doakan utk u :)
yeah,hwllo form 3,hello new JUNIORS,HAHA XD
hello pavilion(koleq),byebye new hostel T.T
hello carey hall,makan dgn senior,bosan -.-
Enough of the craps,bila bilik brigade nk bkk weh?
bosan nii!!ehh,stadi laa,
kau kn nk PMR,wakaka XD
Talking abt training,need to improve my own shooting,
yueah,go go CAGERS!!
training is ok for me,eventho panas nk mati!!
oh yah,arini(sabtu,9januari),my seniors are on 3on3 match at KL,
weee,court bawah jagaan form3,haha
pdn muka kaw form2,muahaha,jahat nye aku neh -.-
smlm buat roadwork,or compound,3round big school,
and yeah,im the leader,muahaha!!!bye guys,
kalau ade roadwork lg,aku tgglkn korg jauh2 :)
ok ok,psni smbung lg,haha XD


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