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Monday, August 17, 2009

Saya bengang! =.=

Hey,if you got problems,just settled with us okay!
Don't just call other prefects to help you to settle us!
It's just an coward action!
Don't be such a "Mat Pot" to report something unpleasant about my batch to Admin!
Easy to say,"Kalo x puas ati,meh la settle kiterorang sesorang!X yah arr ajak fect lain gampang!"

Amirul Arif
(if u guys reading this blog and don't have any idea what's happening,it is just me and my batch problems with our not-so-beloved prefect,sorry)

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1 noises:

nurzam faiz said...

aku tahu saper..

kau tahu tak saper yang ko cakapkan nie..

tak tahu?? teruk giler.. sendiri tulis pun pun tak tahu ker..