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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Saturdays activities?

On 8 August 2009.

First thing first,wake up for subuh prayers at 5.50 in the morning.Oh,feeling so drowzy!But,for the sake of Islam,i force myself to Big School Surau!After the Subuh prayers,we recited Al-Quran,two pages exactly and a short tazkirah by Ustz. Helmi.

7.15 in the morning.

Now!Its the time for kemas-kemas loker!Getting ready for inspection.Just getting rid a few things,hanging cloths, etc.Actually,todays inspection is not that strict like always.After the bell rang,we off straight to tar.After a little conversations with our custodians a.k.a prefects,he tell us to enter the common room.The confinement list is being announced and lucky of us,only 8 of my member batch got confinement.For your information,todays inspection is the most satisfying according to our custos.My batch includes me is very happy to hear and a big applause is rewarded.After that,the results of Piala Zulhelmi is announced.Pulut Kuning F.C won the first place,Little Baby F.C is second and King Baromai F.C (which is my team) won the third place.

9.30 in the morning.

French class is available today and all of the french students is compulsary to attend it.So boring.4 hours in the french room.Being so stressful makes me want to explode and shout as hard as i could.Arrgghhh!!From 10 a.m-2 p.m.Imagine it.After that,decided to outing to release all the stress in myself!Shahreena Restaurant!Nasi Goreng Ayam here i come!After filling up my tummy,Charisma is my next destination.Playing Condition Zero.Headshot many people using AK-47!Muahahaha.But something surprised me.When i'm in the online state at MySpace,Aryna is onlining!So happy!Ahaha,i miss you very much Ryna!But it only lasts about 30 mins.2 hours pass slowly..and now,baskteball training as usual!Thats all,thanks for reading ;)

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