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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kid Witness News

Recently,i have joined one of the most great activities in the world.Which is the K.W.N(Kid Witness News).I've became the crew since last month.Making preparations for this event.The team,Nurzam Faiz(Captain),Mohd. Syafeeq,Safuan Sabri,Muhammad Khairil and Amirul Izat.What we've to do is to make a video about "Importance of Water.As i am the Co-Producer of Audios and Graphics,i've been helping Safuan as the Chief of the Audio and Graphics a lot in making the video into a perfect story line.Nurzam as our president for this program have been helping a lot in making the script and being a director also not forget to Syafeeq for lending his digital camera for the pics and also writing the scripts.Kudos to Izat for being a great anchorman.(I know la you are a English Buddy Award Receiver).For Khairil,thanks for helping our team shooting the video.We have to submit the video next week.I hope all of you can pray for our success for our hardworking in making this video.For all of us wants to make our school proud of the Cyber Brigader '09.

Amirul Arif
'52 w.e

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3 noises:

faiz said...

porogram or program??
spelling error!!

btw,thanx for buat aku proud :D

" Nurzam as our president for this porogram have been helping a lot in making the script "

mir0l arip -bsktbllrz- said...

thnx comment captain!

syafeeq | abdul rahman | said...

fuck ko aku yg buat skrip asal zam yang dapat nama weh!!!!! ( ef yu si ke )
one more, safuan yg betulkan grammar mistake bukannye izat,, die buat bodo je peng!!!!!!
betulkan balik!!!!
by 5 w.e. n 11 w.e.