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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Condition Zero or as known as CZ according from my batch is catchy game!All of my batch members play this game ;p.I played this game for the first time in 15 Feb 2009!Back then,I don't know langsung how to play this game!Even one time i've asked Syazwan(my bestie!ehehe):-

Ayip : Wan!!! Cmne nk control game ni???
Syazwan : Control gne W,A,S,D laaa..ahaha..kalo nk beli weapon tkan B..
Ayip : OHH!! cmtu kerrr??thanks!!Wehh!!npe aku xleh gerak nieyy??
Syazwan : Mmg la x leyh gerak..ko tgh spectator mode tuhh!!
Ayip : Ohhh??ya ka?? ahaha..lwk haram!!Wan!CT and Terrorist tu pebenda?
Syazwan : CT tu Counter-Terrorist ni baik and memburu Terrorist yg dianggap
penjenayah..and phm x???mooo~
Ayip : OHHH!!! now i get it..ahaha...

That's the most memorable day for me because of the Condition Zero.First time playing.I've been classified as NOOB!Thats stands for newbies for the first time gamers playing a new game.
But,time changes.Now,i am one of the pro's in CZ.Playing as Terrorists force,using the legendary Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle(dunno whats the name) and AK-47!Syazwan also said that "Ko bkn baru men CZ ke?Cmne ko leh jdik gempaq gler nieyy???".Anyway,thats is the end for today.I hope all of you enjoys what i wrote in this blog.Thank you ^_^

Amirul Arif
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